Calspan Advanced Solutions maintains principal operations in Ronkonkoma, NY and Hampton, VA.  The NY team focuses on system design and analysis with a team of highly experienced engineers specializing in solid modeling, structural and thermal analysis, systems engineering, and computational fluid dynamics.  A machining and assembly lab are a core part of the NY facility staffed by a seasoned group of technicians and machinists. 

The VA facility focuses on system integration & testing and is the focal point for Calspan Advanced Solutions activities in control system development.  The team is comprised of talented engineers and physicists and a number of skilled technicians.  The VA test laboratory accommodates small scale system testing for combustion and heat exchange systems and is equipped with modular data acquisition and control systems that can be easily adapted to new applications and challenges.  Facility locations may be found here


Anthony Castrogiovanni, Chief Technology Officer, Calspan Holdings


Dr. Castrogiovanni is Chief Technology Officer for Calspan Holdings, the parent organization of the Calspan family of companies where he is responsible for integrating the broad portfolio of technologies and services within Calspan to solve complex problems across aerospace, defense, automotive, energy, and construction business areas.  He also oversees the NY office of Calspan Advanced Solutions, formed after the acquisition of ACEnT Laboratories LLC in April 2021.  Prior to acquisition by Calspan, he was President and CEO of ACEnT where he also served as a Principal Scientist.  Tony previously served in several executive positions at Alliant Techsystems (ATK) including VP/GM ATK Missile Systems Company and VP Strike Weapons and Directed Energy following the sale of GASL Inc. in 2003 where he was President and CEO.


Tony started his career at General Applied Science Labs (GASL) in 1987 where he accrued extensive technical and business experience in cutting edge technology and system development. His early career experience includes the X-30 National AeroSpace Plane (NASP) and many other NASA and DoD programs relating to applications of high speed propulsion for future access-to-space and defense applications. As propulsion team lead on the NASA Hyper-X program he was responsible for the design and integration of the X-43A scramjet that twice successively broke the world record for high-speed jet powered flight in 2004 at Mach 7 and 10. With a specialization in aero/thermodynamics and energy transfer, Tony oversees Calspan Advanced Solutions activities in hypersonic system and related hardware design and manufacture, hydrogen technologies, and carbon capture/gas separation based in NY.

Tony holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU). He is author of over forty papers and publications, inventor on twelve US patents and has served on the Dean’s Advisory Board for Science at NYU. Tony is an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and, among other awards, he is a recipient of the 2004 Aviation Week & Space Technology Laureate in Aeronautics and Propulsion.

Randy Voland, Vice President


Mr. Voland is Vice President of Calspan Advanced Solutions, formed after the acquisition of ACEnT Laboratories LLC in April 2021.  He co-founded ACEnT in 2007 after he retired from NASA after 25 years of government service. Randy is a recognized expert in hypersonic airbreathing propulsion system development with a specialty in ground and flight test techniques and has been a key participant in every successful scramjet related flight test conducted with US involvement. Over the last half of his career at NASA he served as leader of the X-43A/Hyper-X program propulsion team, Chief Technologist for the proposed X-43B reusable combined cycle flight demonstrator, NASA Vehicle Systems Program hypersonic vehicles sector manager, and finally as Principal Investigator for the Hypersonics Project under the NASA Fundamental Aeronautics Program where he led all hypersonics research conducted at multiple NASA research centers. In his current role at Calspan, he actively supports hypersonics and energy research and development projects for multiple US Government and industry customers, while managing Calspan personnel at the NASA Langley Research Center and the company’s laboratory facility in Hampton, VA.


Randy graduated from North Carolina State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and earned an MS in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences from George Washington University. He has over 50 publications and presentations, is an AIAA Associate Fellow and member of several other professional societies, and has won several major honors and awards including the Aviation Week and Space Technology Laureate in 2004, and the NASA Exceptional Service Medal in 2002.